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Graduates of the University of Geneva’s Executive Education in CSR have formed an alumni association: The CSR International Forum. As described in its statutes, the goals of the association are to “create a community of Alumni in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); to promote, encourage and develop the exchange and sharing of knowledge about Corporate Social Responsibility in order to make it better known and disseminated”.

The CSR International Forum organises, together with our programme, the CSR Thursday Lunches. CSR practitioners, including CAS-DAS Alumni, present over lunch on current CSR-related issues. These lunches are a great learning and networking opportunity. Other activities of The CSR International Forum include alumni presenting at CAS-DAS Graduation ceremonies, welcoming new CAS-DAS participants and organising CSR Friday Drinks.

The group is open to all graduates of the Certificate/Diploma of Advanced Studies and of the Summer Course. Keep in touch with your fellows, continue online the discussions you had in class and learn about CSR job opportunities joining our private group on