Mirna Adjami
Project Manager on Anti-corruption, Basel Institute on Governance
Best in class 2016, 2015-16 DAS Participant

Raffaella Dabusti Wilson
Head of Global HR Communications, Novartis Group
2015-16 DAS in CSR Participant

“I have tremendously enjoyed the course thanks to the quality and the variety of the teachers and guest speakers. In an equal measure I have learnt a great deal from my classmates who where from a wealth of diverse professional backgrounds ranging from NGOs to education or the private sector. Some of the concepts I discovered through the course such as ‘system thinking’ or ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ have stuck with me well beyond the scope of envisioning a career in CSR. This course was to me an eye opener as well a glimpse on the most relevant ways private companies can play their part in addressing environmental and social issues.”
Sophie Sabih
2015-16 DAS in CSR Participant

Jeremy Schweizer, Project Finance Manager – CSR Practitioner
Manuel Rizzo, Manager Retail Sales, Chiquita
2015-16 DAS in CSR Participants

Sarah Vowles
Change Director, Group Strategy at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
2015-16 DAS in CSR Participant

“A rare learning opportunity which has enabled me to renew and advance my curriculum with such a hot topic, as well as network (and build friendships) with brilliant individuals with very diverse backgrounds. The location is also ideal; Switzerland, as a society, holds a high-level of sustainability awareness. All modules discussed subjects that inspired me to apply ‘CSR principles’ into my personal life, but above all, the course has been tremendously insightful for my professional development.”
2015-16 CAS in CSR Participant

Catherine Atherton
Consultant in CSR, Lean management & Supply chain management
2014-15 DAS in CSR Participant

François Bardinet
CSR & Sustainability Specialist
2014-15 DAS in CSR Participant

Susan Parvin Massoudi
UNICEF Private Sector team
2014-15 CAS in CSR Participant

Sophie Wisbrun Overakker
Marketing Director | Strategic Business Leader | Social/environmental intra- and entrepreneur at Alcon, a Novartis company
2014-15 DAS in CSR Participant

“Great place for CSR learning mixing self-dependence and flexible education methodology to gain new ideas. This program is suitable for analysts, strategists and entrepreneurs wishing to learn how to accelerate corporate business development, plan coherent strategy based on sustainability and responsible business practices. The great program director and the instructors from leading companies have boosted my imagination to maximize the value of CSR.”
Magdi Al-Osta, Entrepreneur, shared value and competitiveness developer
2014-15 DAS in CSR Participant

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the very exciting and insightful two weeks I spent during the summer school. The course helped me a lot to further familiarize myself with CSR and some of its practical side as experienced in Geneva.”
Isinsu Bulus, M.A. Candidate, International Affairs
Fundraising Team Leader, Collaborate for Social Impact 
2015 Geneva Summer School in Global CSR Issues

“The whole course was a daily diet of amazing insights into the comprehensive field of CSR. Materials and speaker strategic perspectives  were excellent and gave us many resources for follow-up.
2013 CSR Executive Summer Course participant

“… Thanks again for the great insight you and the other lecturers have provided in the course. It has been of great value.”
CSR Manager, Travel agency

“… In my daily job, I was tackling only what we called internally: “Corporate Philanthropy” activities and I realized there is much more to it than I expected. We had very interesting speakers from various industries, CSR specialists and professors and it was very interesting to be able to not only read about theory – but also understand how it works in other companies. I can now liaise with other departments and better understand the implications of CSR throughout the entire company. You can only become passionate about CSR because once you put one foot into the CSR world you just can’t exit anymore.”
Philanthropic Manager, FMCG Company

“… I would like to thank you again for the highly interesting course, which opened to me a new and very interesting universe I would like to continue to work on.”
CSR Manager, NGO

“… We had a lot of interactive and inspiring modules. I did enjoy the thought-provoking role plays we did during the various modules. What I also realised afterwards was that Geneva University was a step ahead in terms of curriculum and course format.”
CSR Manager, Communication agency.

“… It has been a great learning exercise which I have enjoyed very much. I hope it will be helpful in my next career move in the CSR field. Thanks again for your inspiration and support.”
Former Brand Manager, Nestlé

“… As a luxury management consultant, the CAS CSR course was exceptionally fruitful. It gave me the necessary theoretical base to assist luxury and beauty companies to leverage the benefits of sustainability and hopefully to make them understand that they have to become more accountable and responsible. Great mind opener and networking course.”
Sustainable Luxury Consultant

“Thank you very much for a great ending of the CSR program. I think we all enjoyed the days together last week. I appreciate now to have a network of people who have been through the same learning experience that I have been. Overall I am happy I signed up for the program and have learned a lot. You have an incredible network and I think that is the real strengths of the course; to listen to all this experts in their field.”
CSR Consultant

“The course provided a structured approach and very useful insights to grasp the complex world of CSR. The diversity of backgrounds among participants was also of great value.”
Communication Manager