Below is a selection of of some of the best theses written by participants in the CSR Certificate of Advanced Studies.

Exploring the Link between CSR and SMEs in Developing Countries: the Case of Somalia
(PDF 163 kb)
Silvia Possenti, 2012

CSR in the Information Society – A Case of Web Accessibility in Europe and Japan (PDF 279 kb)
Yoshiko Kurisaki, 2011

What does CSR mean for Humanitarian Organizations?
Silvana Lisca (PDF 313 kb), 2011

Closing the gap between CSR and regulation: How can Corporate Social Responsibility fill the gaps in Enviromental Governance in Australia? (PDF 212 kb)
Fiona Shadbolt, 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility and Extreme Events: Example of Fukushima (PDF, 1 MB)
Sonja Sutter, 2011

Could a rights-based approach be integrated into CSR for it to be more effective in international development? (PDF, 369 kb)
Esther Bares, 2010

The Business case for CSR: Estimating future earnings impacts of CSR projects (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Jacques Bogh, 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility applied to Non Governmental Organizations. Do NGOs act responsibly? (PDF, 187 kb)
Fanny Baert-Pauwelyn, 2009

MNCs and SMEs – is it David versus Goliath when it comes to CSR? (PDF 254 kb)
Miriam Lüthold, 2010

Lobbying, transparency and CSR – when realities collide (PDF 251 kb)
Daniela Gruenenfelder Droin, 2009

Human Rights and TNCs: need for increased regulation to enforce CSR (PDF 181 kb)
Maria Rosaria Ceccarelli, 2008

Business Ethics as an Enabler of CSR: An Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management Approach to Participatory Business Ethics (PDF 467 kb)
Nadejda Loumbeva, 2008